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Nicholas is an Audiovisual and multidisciplinary artist based in SE London.

His work involves the processes of digital and analogue media, animation, music/sound design, video, photography and sometimes celluloid film. He develops projects in film-making, AV performance, installations, new media and video art. Sometimes converging these processes into one or working separately. His workflow is motivated by and explores relationships, disappearing identities and insecurities in systems filtered through the prism of technology, at the juncture of cinema, animation and design. 

He's interested in "expanded cinema" which combines narrative abstractions of cinema language and live performance and recently performed a live audiovisual film at Patchlab festival in Krakow on a residency at the 360 gallery. Other recent work includes an installation in an abandoned brewery on a residency in Chemnitz, Germany.

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Nicholas Carn MA.
Photos of Nicholas performing at Patchlab by Michal Ramus


Multidisciplinary Artist

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